Funai Finally Answers The Phone, Offers Refund For Dead 5-Month-Old TV

Thanks to their own determination and a tip from a fellow Consumerist reader, Tavie and Gina have finally found someone at Funai willing to not only answer the phone, but grant them a refund for their Sylvania television that died after only a few months of use. The amount of effort needed to get this result is a little disheartening, but we’re thrilled at the happy ending, and we now have helpful information for other customers who encounter problems with Funai.

The company wanted to repair their television, but Tavie and Gina wouldn’t accept anything other than a refund, considering their experience with this particular television and Funai in general. They are, however, satisfied, and have ended the Boycott Funai campaign on Twitter. Tavie wrote to Consumerist:

The refund check was sent by Fedex and received on Tuesday. Gina has deposited the money. Oddly, Mr Guerrero [Louis Guerrero, Assistant Customer Service Manager at Funai USA -Ed.] still hasn’t sent a box for us to return the tv, so we still have its corpse (which will soon be replaced with a Sony.) I’ve posted one last update on the Twitter page about the satisfactory resolution to our dealings with Funai.

If you have a problem with Funai that regular customer service can’t resolve, here’s who you can contact:

Level 2 Customer Service Hotline / (888) 290-0871

We’re very glad to hear of their success! Thanks to Brandon, who provided the escalated contact information for the person at Funai who was able to help.

Here’s what the rest of us can take away from this story. Tavie and Gina always interacted with Funai in a mature and professional manner. They always kept in mind the very reasonable things that they wanted from the company – either a new replacement television, or a refund of the original purchase price – and stood firm. Well done!

Funai Knows TV Broke Under Warranty, Hopes You Go Away

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