Chrysler Won't Let Customers Out Of Credit Monitoring Service Without A Fight

Chris and his wife bought a Jeep were automatically enrolled in a free credit monitoring service. When they decided they no longer wanted the service, they got a hassle from a CSR and worry they’ll have to go through the process again to cut the cord.

Chris writes:

My wife and I recently purchased a new vehicle. We bought the last dealer new 2008 Jeep Wrangler in our area. It was financed through Wachovia. A few weeks after the purchase we received a letter from Chrysler letting us know about the free credit monitoring service in which we had been enrolled. Preferring to limit the number of companies that are trolling and storing our credit activity, my wife called to cancel this service. She asked to have it canceled, and went through a multiple iteration loop of “But it is free” countered with “I want to cancel this service for which I did not sign up or consent to give access to my credit history”, over and over. Eventually the drone on the other end of the line broke the loop and changed to “We can only cancel this if you sign up for one of our other credit protection offerings”. My wife said that under no circumstances was she signing up for new services, and still demanded that this one be cancelled. The drone relented and said “I’ll put a note on your account that you want to cancel” and then hung up on my wife. We fully expect to call back in a week and have to repeat this cycle.

If we had financed the vehicle through Chrysler I could at least understand them having an interest in protecting their direct customers from credit fraud; but since we financed through Wachovia even that weak argument doesn’t hold.

Anyone out there with a similar experience? I’ve signed up for these credit monitoring things a few times in order to cash promo checks that came along with the offers, and haven’t had any trouble canceling after I enroll.

(Photo: Lisa Pisa)

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