Make Your Own Green, Cheap Cleaning Products

When McGyver wants to clean his kitchen, he doesn’t need any fancy Clorox or 409. Give him some baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice and he’ll create a clean-up bonanza of the likes the world has never seen. And he’ll catch seven bad guys and utter a catch-phrase quip, all before the commercial break.

But back to the baking soda. The Omaha World-Herald tells you how to be like MacGyver by using baking soda and other household items to make some DIY cleaners.

The story’s baking soda tips:

Baking soda is nontoxic, earth-friendly, multi-purpose and cheap. A few ideas to keep your home baking soda fresh include:

* Sprinkle onto carpets and rugs, let sit for 15 minutes then vacuum away dirt and odors.
* Add 1/4 cup to a load of laundry to help remove grease and freshen clothes.
* Sprinkle in the sink and bathtub, make a paste with water and use as a safe, gentle scouring powder.
* Spill some grease during cooking? Put a bit of baking soda on the mess, rub with a dry cloth and rinse with water.

If you have any cheap, McGyver-like cleaning techniques, commence scrubbing them into the comments. And use some elbow grease.

Cleaning tips are eco-friendly, money-saving [Omaha World-Herald]
(Photo: Maulleigh)

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