Parents, Start Your Back-To-School Shopping In Your Junk Drawer

Parents head out to the same stores every year to load up on the same school supplies, so you’d think after their kid reaches sixth grade or so they’d have enough leftovers laying around the house to negate the need to stock up.

Blogger Julia Scott, AKA Bargain Babe, incorporates the mentality in a super-stingy back to school advice post, recommending parents do all they can to avoid paying the average $549 per annum school supply bill.

Her first two tips:

1. Pare down any school supply list handed out by teachers. Ask what is truly needed and what can wait until you find it on sale.

2. Round up whatever school supplies you have from around the house. Hand me down ruler? You bet.

Scott also advises against going on school clothing bonanzas. Just buy the kid a couple outfits and save the rest of the clothing budget for later in the year. Which I read as “spend it on yourself rather than the kid,” which is always the best policy.

Anyone out there have back-to-school savings tips that can top these?

Back to school on a budget [Bargain Babe]
(Photo: frankieleon)

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