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Mike Mozart

Nordstrom And Nordstrom Rack Accept Each Other’s Returns

You won’t see it plastered on a sign behind the customer service counter, but here’s some useful information for shoppers: you can return items that you purchased at Nordstrom Rack to a regular Nordstrom store, and the transaction works the other way around, too. Yet while that’s very nice of them, it’s an indicator of an interesting issue in retail: while omnichannel retail is hot, should they be omni-brand? [More]

(Jeff Dailey)

Back-To-School Shoppers Delight Retailers, Plan To Spend More This Year

If you’ve visited a big-box or office-supply store in recent weeks, you know that retailers are ready for the back-to-school shopping season to begin, even if children aren’t. You can’t blame stores for being excited, though: parents say that they plan to spend more on outfitting their kids for school this year than they have in recent years. [More]