Updated: PS3 Racing Game Update No Longer Doubles Load Times To Show Ads

This generation of game consoles has adapted the PC tradition of updating games with downloadable patches to smooth out glitches and add new features. With an update to its PlayStation 3 hovercraft racer Wipeout HD, Sony added yet another facet to the experience — pre-race commercials that caused longer-than-necessary load times.

Joystiq on the horror (which has since been corrected):

As demonstrated by a user-captured video, the standard load time for WipEout HD is about eight seconds long. If an advertisement plays, the load time increases more than twofold: to nineteen seconds.

In-game ads for paid games are fine as long as they’re organic and non-intrusive, but this one speed-jumped over the line.

UPDATE: Sony has corrected the problem and vowed not to let it happen again.

Double Fusion slows down WipEout HD with ads [Joystiq]
(Photo: jpghouse)

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