Post Cereal, Please Stop Spamming Anthony

Anthony has tried every means possible to get Post to stop spamming him, but Post laughs in the face of reason. And at customer requests. The only thing Anthony feels he has left to try is contacting the FTC, but he adds “I get the feeling that won’t help.”

Look at all the hoops he’s jumped through so far—for a cereal company! Anthony does not want your Fruity Pebbles, Post! He is not interested in your Grape Nuts! Go away!

On June 23rd of 2009 I contacted Post Foods, LLC using the phone number listed on the “contact us” portion of I spoke to someone who would not provide me with a full name and informed him of my repeated attempts to stop receiving email advertisements from Post Cereal to my Gmail email address.

These attempts included using the link located at the bottom of the unwanted email. However that link leads to a page that displays an error stating

“The page you are attempting to access cannot be found. Please contact Post Customer support at”.

I have sent an email address to “” informing them of the error and my desire to be removed from their mailing list. However the link still does not work and I continue to receive email advertisements from Post.

I have also tried replying to the originating address of the unwanted email but this results in an email message stating

“You cannot reply to this email. But we do want to hear from you. Please share ideas, comments and questions through our Talk to Us page.

Want to Unsubscribe?
Just use the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the original email.”

My previous attempts even included phone calls to Post Foods. I once received a call back from someone who asked me to verify certain aspects of the unwanted email and I eventually forwarded a copy of the email to this person. The caller said that someone would call me back, but as of July 30th 2009, this has not happened.

At the end of the June 23rd phone call I was told it would take 4 weeks for the email advertisements to stop. I agreed to this but still continue to receive unwanted advertisement emails from Post.

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