Pardon Me, But There Is A Mouse In This Can Of Diet Pepsi

(Ed. note— Ok, let me just tell you that reading this story made my stomach flip, which is something that almost never happens to me, so if you’re eating lunch or (heaven forbid) drinking a Pepsi — just go to Cute Overload and forget this ever happened.) A Florida man says he was drinking a can of Diet Pepsi when he noted that it tasted funny. (Warning: “Not Safe For Lunch” graphic picture inside.)

His wife told WFTV, “He made a face. I was sitting there and he said it tasted awful and something wasn’t right.” According to the couple, there was what appeared to be a mouse inside the can.

Here’s how they described it.

“We’re not sure what it is. It was pink. It looks like spaghetti. It’s really sick,” the wife said.

Pepsi said that something might have crawled in the can and died after it was open, but the couple doesn’t really seem convinced. The FDA has opened an investigation into the incident, you can read their report here (PDF).

Couple Claims They Found Mouse In Can Of Pepsi [WFTV] (Thanks, Justin!)

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