Fancy Pants Pearson Will Not Get His Job As A Judge Back

Roy L. Pearson Jr, Also known as “Judge Fancy Pants,” has had his most recent lawsuit thrown out of court by a federal judge. In this episode, Fancy Pants sued the government of Washington D.C. for refusing to reappoint him as a administrative law judge following his notorious $54 million pants lawsuit.

The Washington Post says that ” U.S. District Judge Ellen S. Huvelle rejected all of Pearson’s arguments,” and described the $54 million pants lawsuit as a “personal vendetta.”

Pearson represented himself in federal court — making him 0-2 in recent lawsuits. He also lost the pants case, but may have achieved his goal anyway, because the company was apparently forced to close due to the cost of the legal bills generated by the lawsuit.

Ex-Judge’s Lawsuit Thrown Out [WaPo] (Thanks, Garry!)

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