Alabama Bans Wine Bottle For Giving It The Vapors

I swan! [Fans face.] Sweet magnolia breeze! I do declare! [Clutches petticoat in pre-swoon anticipation.] Alabama is in a dither over a drawing of a nude nymph on a wine bottle label, so they’ve banned the product from being sold. Their liquor regulations forbid the display of “a person posed in an immoral or sensuous manner” on any alcohol packaging. We have to side with Alabama on this one—after all, we’re not sure you can ride a bike naked without eventually doing something immoral, whether you mean to or not.

The owner of the winery that produces Cycles Gladiator says that he won’t change the label, so if you live in Alabama it looks like you’ll have to pick up your bottles when you go on your sex toy purchasing trips.

“Winery’s Nude Nymph Causes State Ban” [NBC Los Angeles] (Thanks to Charles!)

Cycles Gladiator wine

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