Texas Car Dealership Will Give Away Cars If It Rains

What’s a great way for a car dealer to get attention during a drought? Offer customers a free car if it rains. No, the dealership owner won’t be standing out front in a poncho, handing out keys to everyone who passes by on the appointed day. It’s cleverer than that.

First, the car needs to already have been purchased:

People buying a Nissan Altima at World Nissan between July 15 and August 1 will get a full refund of their purchase price if two inches of rain is measured at a nearby airport, according to “Big Al” Ortiz, the dealership’s new car sales manager. The base price for a new Altima is around $20,000. Though he did not provide exact numbers, Big Al said the offer is bringing a lot of people into the dealership, whether they buy an Altima or something else.

Two inches of rain during a drought is pretty unlikely, and the dealership is insured in case rain actually does fall. Still, it’s a cute gimmick, and a good way to take advantage of bad weather.

If It Rains August 8th, A Texas Car Dealer Will Give Away Nissans [Business Insider]

(Photo: johnmarchan)

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