Man Claims To Have Found Condom In Soup

A man in Mission Viejo, California, says when he began eating his french onion soup over Easter brunch at the restaurant Claim Jumper, he bit into something rubbery. He “spit out the piece of cheese only to discover he had been chewing on what his wife claimed was a condom.”

Philip Hodousek, the alleged victim, says the general manager attempted to pass it off as a piece of a rubber glove, but according to the Digital Journal, “The family inspected the item more closely deciding that it was in fact a condom.”

Hodousek took the condom with him and had it tested by a lab, which found female DNA on it. Happy Easter! Hodousek is now suing the restaurant.

The problem, however, is that Claim Jumper says the entire lawsuit is without merit, and that they’ve found no evidence to support his claims. They also say they conducted DNA tests on female employees—which we find a little hard to believe, but who knows, maybe the employees voluntarily submitted to it—and none of them match the DNA on the condom. In addition, they say Hodousek failed to show up for a DNA test of his own at their request.

“Waiter, there’s a rubber in my soup” [Digital Journal] (Thanks to Dave!)
(Photo: foodistablog)

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