Chantal Cookware Keeps Your Tea Kettle Whistling

After two years, the whistle on Ruby’s Chantal Cookware Livestrong teakettle finally gave up its zest for life. Chantal Cookware’s cleaning recommendations couldn’t revive the ailing whistle, so Ruby resigned herself to buying a whole new kettle. Before pouring another $60 down the drain, she emailed Chantal Cookware to ask if it was at all possible to replace just the whistle…

Ruby writes:

Most companies (including my own workplace) are short-staffed these days, and customer service usually suffers the most. But today I’ll like to commend Chantal Cookware for some amazing customer service!

In 2007 I bought a beautiful, bright yellow “Livestrong” teakettle from Bed Bath & Beyond by Chantal. It cost a little over $60, but was well worth it. My favorite part was the whistle – it was extremely loud…. but sadly it stopped whistling over the past 2 years. I’ve tried the cleaning methods described on Chantal’s website, nothing worked, and as a last resort before buying another kettle, I sent an email to the Chantal customer service, asking if there’s any way to replace just the whistle. It’s been about 2 weeks, I received no response, so I forgot about the email and prepared to head to the store this weekend to pick up a new kettle.

And today, a package came in by UPS from Chantal Cookware. Inside was a brand new, beautiful Livestrong “Loop” Teakettle.

All I sent was one email, a shot in the dark about replacing a part on a product purchased 2 years ago, not under any sort of warranty.

Attached is a photo of the brand new kettle before I even opened the box, big thanks from me and the bunny Toffee 🙂

Great work, Chantal Cookware! Although, responding to Ruby’s email wouldn’t have been misread as tooting your own horn.

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