Warning: Read The Fine Print Before Cashing An Unexpected Rebate Check

Jessica Doyle reports that a scammy company is tricking Snuggie owners, among others, into signing up for its service by sending out fake rebate checks for $8.25:

At first, it looks like a rebate check, but read the fine print. It says if you endorse and cash the check, you are signing up for a marketing service called “Great Fun.” Then, your credit card will be charged $149.99. That subscription will renew annually unless you cancel it with Great Fun.

It’s not just for Snuggie owners—Doyle says the company is also targeting “people who bought the PedEgg and Aqua Globes watering system.”

Remember to never, never cash a check from an unknown entity. If it’s not part of an advance-fee fraud scheme, it’s probably bait to get you to sign up for something worthless like Great Fun.

“Consumer Alert: Snuggie Check Rip-Off” [WUSA9]
(Photo: iluvrhinestones)