These Days, It's The Banks That Rob You

Oh, for the innocent times of Dillinger, back when ATM overdraft fees and phone teller charges weren’t even a glimmer in the greedy eyes of bank management, and Johnny Depp roamed the countryside with a Tommy Gun and a dream. Nowadays it’s the banks that are pulling heists on unwitting customers.

The Wall Street journal identified 10 ways in which banks are saying “stick ’em up, see?” in sinister Chicago accents. A sampling of the story’s wares:

5. Tellers

Banks drew fire from consumers in the 1990s when they tried charging a fee if human interaction occurred when depositing or withdrawing money. There are scattered reports of these fees popping up again, mostly for “excessive” use of tellers. Some banks give you two free teller visits per month, but charge you after that — say, $2 or $4 for each extra visit.

The story goes on to say some banks charge you for annual membership fees and closing accounts. Public Enemies, indeed.

Ten Ways Banks Take Your Money [Wall Street Journal]

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