Woman Moves From NY To New Hampshire But Her Mail Won't Follow

Veronica moved to New Hampshire, and as punishment the bitter, jilted New York post office refused to send her mail along. She has complained to anyone who would listen, but may as well be yelling at her mail box for all the good it’s done.

She first wrote us in early June:

I have a problem and I have no idea how to fix it, or where to complain. I moved from Park Slope Brooklyn back home to southern New Hampshire. I filed my change of address request nearly a month early, I received confirmation letters at my old address and my new address stating that my mail would henceforth be forwarded. Except it wasn’t. I contacted my old roommates, and a nice neat pile is amassing on the kitchen table for me. I called the USPS toll-free number to complain, and they said that the complaint would be forwarded to the appropriate post offices and that someone from the neighborhood post office would be calling me the next business day. Surprise surprise, nobody from the 9th Street Post Office called.

One of my roommates is sending me my mail from her office. But her office shouldn’t be footing the bill to mail me stuff that the USPS was supposed to deliver for free. I know I should be content that at least I have a method of getting my unforwarded mail, but who can I complain to about the lack of service and the incompetence over at 9th street?

While I do miss a lot about NYC living, I don’t miss the incompetence and inefficiencies of their post offices. I mean, if my town’s post office services 20-30K residents and major businesses without any massive problems, why do NYC post offices have so much trouble dealing with their small piece of the pie?

A couple weeks later, Veronica wrote back to confirm that her mail is still backwarded rather than forwarded:

The manager of my old neighborhood post office called and assured me she would speak to the mail carrier to make sure the mail gets forwarded.

Yeah, that would be why mail is STILL being delivered to my old address. At least my roommate is able to mail it out in a parcel from her office….

At least Veronica can take solace in the fact that she’s not getting junk mail. Lucky for her she’s got an honest, helpful ex-roommate willing to do the post office’s job for it.

(Photo: Jenna Belle)