Get Stingy When Trying To Save Money

If the recession has yielded one positive result, it’s the way the economy has finally made it less shameful to give in to our inner Scrooge McDucks.

Hopping on the trend, the LoveMoney blog solicited readers for suggestions on how to save money in the stingiest ways they could think of. The results are illuminating and amusing, reminiscent of Consumerist’s watershed cash-saving tips post.

Some samplings of LoveMoney’s finds:

-Become a freegan and only eat food you get for free.

-Send kids to play at friends’ houses near dinnertime.

-Find and cook roadkill for meals.

Things only get sketchier from there. Could it be that funny, pathetic ways to save money are becoming this decade’s “yo momma” jokes? Good gosh, I hope so.

Thought you knew them all? Well think again as readers get their say on the 18 stingiest money-saving tips – EVER! [LoveMoney]
(Photo: chickee510)

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