Yard Sale Deals Probably Aren't As Great As They Seem

>If you’re trying to cut down on expenses, it’s best to ignore the siren call of yard sales.

The women’s lifestyle site Richmond Chic warns you to proceed with caution when you run into those alluring, tattered cardboard songs that promise great deals but lead you straight to financial ruin:

Would you buy it if it was full price?

Are the items that you picked out so fabulous or needed that you would buy it for full price? If you would buy it at full price, it’s an indication that the treasure is either necessary or really special. If it’s in your budget, take it home and enjoy. On the contrary, if you wouldn’t consider buying it at full price, rethink your decision. Although an item is on sale, doesn’t equate to you saving money. If you don’t get any use out of it or it clutters your space, it’s money wasted – not saved.

The blog further advises you to ask yourself, where am I going to put it? Do I already have one? And does it actually work?

Keep in mind that unless the yard-seller is moving, there’s probably a reason they’re getting rid of whatever it is they’re peddling, and since street vendors usually don’t have the most comprehensive of return policies, buyer beware. Lastly, don’t forget to check yard sale items for recalled products.

Be Aware of the Yard Sale [Richmond Chic]
(Photo: stirwise)

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