That Probably Isn't Really Michael Jackson's Stuff You're Buying, BBB Warns

We know how it is. As soon as a big star dies, you feel the immediate urge to buy his old stage-used sweat rag on Craigslist.

Alas, the cranky-pants Better Business Bureau warns you to hold off for a while — like, forever — when considering such purchases, the St. Petersburg Times reports:

The Better Business Bureau just warns consumers who want to purchase some Jackson memorabilia to carefully evaluate the source of the product and the transaction as classified advertisements and e-mail solicitations are soaring.

At times like these, scams become abundant. And while collectors and fans want to snag a great piece of history, it behooves consumers to be cautious.

“The cause of Michael Jackson’s untimely death still needs to be determined, and already people are seeing suspicious and awkwardly written e-mails appear in their in-boxes offering supposedly authentic items from the pop singer’s life,” Steve Bernas, chief executive officer of the Better Business Bureau office in Chicago, said in a statement.

Either the BBB is looking out for your best interests here or they’re secretly trying to hoard all the sweat rags for themselves.

Better Business Bureau warns against Michael Jackson memorabilia scams [St.Petersburg Times]
(Photo: Paxton Holley)

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