Walmart Greeter Who Was Attacked During Receipt Check Gets $20,000 Settlement

Remember the Walmart greeter who was attacked by a police officer when he tried to check the cop’s receipt? His lawsuit has been settled for $20,000.

The Chattanoogan is reporting that the city of Chattanooga paid $10,000 and officer paid $10,000 to the greeter, and offers this recap of the incident, which includes shoppers being thrown through glass doors, and pants being defecated in.

The complaint said the greeter asked the officers for their receipts. It says Lt. McPherson complied, but Det. Freeman walked around the greeter and continued toward the door. It says the greeter asked officer Freeman to produce the receipt and he ignored him.

It said when the greeter touched him on the shoulder, he “suddenly and without any warning to plaintiff” turned on him and pushed him to the concrete floor.

Mr. Walker “struck the floor with the length of his body about five to six feet from the point of Freeman’s push,” it was stated.

It said officer Freeman stood over the greeter as he struck the floor.

The suit said as a result of the “physical assault” that Mr. Walker lost consciousness for a moment and defecated in his pants. It said his supervisor later allowed him to change clothing and get a clean pair of underwear.

The complaint said many members of the public came to the greeter’s aid, including one “Good Samaritan” who “attempted to come between Freeman and the downed plaintiff, but Freeman pushed this person with such force as to drive him through the glass doors of the store.”

All’s well that end’s well, we suppose.

Settlement Reached In Case Involving Shoving Of Wal-Mart Greeter [Chattanoogan] (Thanks, Jeremy!)

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