Want To Learn How To Make It Yourself? Visit Homegrown Evolution

HomegrownEvolution.com is sort of a simplified Instructables for people interested in “mead making, beer brewing, bread baking, urban poultry raising, container planting, pirate gardening, foraging, pickling,” and more, according to Cool Tools. We have a feeling “pirate gardening” isn’t as fun as it sounds.

The couple behind the blog are also authors of “The Urban Homestead,” which gives beginner advice on how to do things like keep bees while living in an apartment and make hair conditioner from old dogs’ droppings. (Okay, we made up that last one.) If you’ve been wanting to try out aspects of an off-the-grid lifestyle while still living smack dab in the middle of the grid, these are probably your people.

“Urban self-sufficiency: Homegrown Evolution” [Cool Tools]

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