Yellow Book Saves The Earth By Distributing Thousands Of Phone Books With Smaller Print

I don’t use phone books, but I get three different ones delivered to my house every year anyway. Hardly anyone I communicate with even has a landline, let alone a white pages listing, but that doesn’t matter. They still deliver them. Straight into a snowbank.

Cliff received his phone book earlier this week, and noticed something interesting. His Yellow Book has been greenwashed.

I received our 2009 Yellowbook phone book today and immediately noticed something was off. The text inside is eye-strainingly tiny, and the inside cover has a nice eco explaination. You know what’s more eco friendly? Maybe some way to opt-out of getting these in the first place…. I don’t have a landline and I haven’t used a phone book since 1998.

It’s nice that they can reduce the amount of paper required to print these doorstops, but it would be much better to just not receive any at all.

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