Verizon Getting Out Of The Phone Book Business… In New York

Image courtesy of Mike Mozart

Between search engines, listings sites, and the fact that fewer and fewer people have traditional landline phones, the ol’ phone book is becoming increasingly irrelevant for many (but not all) people. So it makes sense that Verizon is largely doing away with the bulky tomes — at least in New York state.

WWNY-TV reports that the New York State Public Service Commission granted Verizon and its publisher permission to stop printing and delivering business telephone books in the state.

Verizon says that it will only deliver business or residential directories to customers who request a printed copy. Last year, the company delivered 6.3 million business directories.

The change of pace for the company comes as consumers have changed their preferences when it comes to finding business phone numbers.

Verizon argues that most people pitch their phone books after receiving them, opting instead to look up phone numbers on the internet.

The company estimates that by eliminating the printing of massive phone books it will save 13,600 tons of paper per year from entering the waste system.

Ditching the business directories is just the latest move for Verizon, which received permission in 2010 to stop printing and delivering phone books with residential listings.

Verizon Will Stop Printing, Delivering Phone Books [WWNY-TV]

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