Watered-Down Gasoline Damages Cars Near Baltimore

Rain water, not fraud or sabotage, is behind the bad gasoline sold at stations near Baltimore early this week. Hess, the supplier, is covering any damage to customers’ cars caused by the diluted fuel. So, how does this happen?

Pete Horrigan, president of the Mid-Atlantic Petroleum Distributors Association, said recent heavy rains could be to blame, as the rain can collect on the seals of storage tanks or leak into the service station supply.

“When the ground gets saturated, it’s possible that when the driver removes the cap to hook his delivery hose to underground storage tanks, it’s possible that water could get into the tank.”

Oceanic station owner Adrian Hughes said he’s a victim, too, and is working around the clock to fix the cars.

How much water needs to leak into an underground tank before it damages cars, I wonder?

2nd Gas Station Hit With Bad Supply [WBAL]

(Photo: vc_vigilant)

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