Red Robin Tipping Message Lost In Translation

Anyone who speaks multiple languages is used to rolling their eyes at bad and inadequate translations. There is probably a perfectly reasonable, non-bigoted explanation for the differing English and Spanish texts on this Red Robin receipt.

Chris happened to notice the variation on the receipts at a Red Robin in Arizona. He writes:

Turn your attention to the bottom of the receipt. In English, it says “Thanks for visiting RED ROBIN. Please Pay Your Server”. Underneath that, in Spanish, it says “Please Pay Your Server. Tip is not included.” I guess they’re insinuating that Mexicans don’t tip and have to be reminded to include a tip, whereas English speaking people are good tippers and are welcome at Red Robin any time. One might argue that perhaps tipping isn’t common in Mexico. However, tipping is just as prevalent and expected in Mexico as it is here, so that isn’t a valid argument.

Maybe the English message has been changed since the Spanish one was written, and the Spanish one just never changed. Or maybe I’m just grasping at reasonable, culturally-sensitive explanations for the disparity.

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