Microsoft Gives MS Money The Old 'It's Not You, It's Me' Line

Since 1991, Microsoft Money has been there to keep track of your financial triumphs and foibles, making you fess up to your dumb impulse purchases and encouraging you to believe that your mountain of debt really will dissipate if you keep on chipping away.

Now it’s dead, Microsoft confirmed this week to

“Banks are offering a lot of these services directly, and it’s unclear where the demand is for a single, integrated experience when a lot of financial institutions and investment firms allow you to do this already,” said Adam Sohn, a marketing and communications director in Microsoft’s online division. “We decided that it made the most sense for us to begin this decommission.”

The news makes sense to me because as a daily user of the software for the past 10 years — upgrading every other year or so out of loyalty — it seemed to me that every version of Money was pretty much the same, never really justifying the upgrade price with its inconsequential tweaks. Still, it’s a little sad to see the program die off. After all, I credit Money for single-handedly transforming me from a happy, free-spending college kid into the stingy, bitter crank I am today.

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