Former Best Buy Salesperson Says: Electronics Salespeople Are Useless

Over on CNET, blogger and former Best Buy salesperson Sharon Vaknin shares her acquired wisdom with the Internet, putting together a list of the “7 things electronics salespeople won’t tell you.” What are they?

1. We have no formal training in the field of consumer electronics.
2. We make little off the big-ticket items, so we smother you with accessories.
3. There are times when you should purchase extended warranties.
4. It doesn’t matter whether we make commission, we’re all equally pushy.
5. No receipt? No problem!
6. We offer expensive services I think a 12-year-old could perform.
7. Forget what your parents taught you—complaining usually gets you what you want.

Check out her explanations for each of these at the blog. I’m not sure I agree with all of these items, but the theme of general incompetence and overchargitude certainly apply to every big-box electronics store I’ve visited.

7 things electronics salespeople won’t tell you. [Crave]

(Photo: agentpercival)

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