Counterfeit Drugs Made In China Relabeled "Made In India"

The Chinese poison train makes plenty of stops outside of the United States. When those stops are in developing countries, bad things can happen. Even worse things happen when dangerous products from China are intentionally mislabeled as being from another country. Say, India.

In this case, the dangerous products were fake antimalarial tablets destined for Nigeria. 642,000 people would have been affected had the Nigerian government not discovered the fake drugs and intercepted them. While the tablets were labeled “Made in India,” evidence showed that they were produced in and shipped from China.

Both China and India are big players in the manufacture of generic drugs, and both export medicines to Africa. The Indian government is, understandably, concerned that the incident may hurt the reputation of India’s pharmaceutical industry in Africa and elsewhere around the world. Rightly so, since India is more than capable of exporting their own fake drugs. No help from China needed.

Fake generic medicines from China with ëMade in India’ label seized: Nigerian Government [Government press release]
Chinese passing off fake drugs as ëMade in India’ [Times of India] (Thanks, Abhinav!)

(Photo: untitleed_x)

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