Simmons Fluffs Hotel Mattress Price By $500

UPDATE: Simmons contacted Charles today, and the situation has been settled. As some commenters here guessed, the confusion came from the sales rep misreading the number 3 for an 8 on the computer screen. Everyone can rest easy tonight, even if it’s not on a fluffy mattress.

Charles stayed in a nice hotel, and liked the mattress he slept on so much that he decided to order one for his very own home. Now, after a series of over-the-phone misunderstandings, he’s about to be stuck with a comfy bed at a price much higher than he was originally quoted.

I am writing to see if this has happened to anyone else. I recently stayed in a nice hotel and slept great on their bed. When I mentioned this to the front desk, they said that the bed was available for purchase from The site directed me to call an 800 number to order that hotel’s mattress directly from Simmons.

Simmons quoted me 1,349.00 for a king size with box spring. They also mentioned it would be $1,249.00 without the box spring. I ordered the box spring and gave them all my details. 5 days later, there is still no confirmation email and my credit card was charged 1,849.00. I called them back and the same person I had talked to before (Riley) said that 1,849.00 was the correct price and always has been.

Now I am stuck with this bed and my only option is to return it when delivered in two weeks or keep it at an extra $500. My open window to cancel before shipment passed because they changed all the “c” in my email address to “b” for some reason. I guess when I said “C” as in Charlie, she heard that as “B” as in Barley. So I never go the receipt.

The same dysfunction this person has that changed C to B must also be what changed 8 to 3 when talking since I confirmed price 3 times before ordering. Has this happened to anyone else? I still haven’t decided what to do with the bed.

Did Charles and the sales rep collectively mishear each other, or is this some sort of bait and switch? It’s only Charles’ word against the sales rep’s, with no written price quote or confirmation e-mail to back either side up.

What would you do in this situation? Keep the bed, send it back, or keep the bed and fight the company for the $500 price difference?

(Photo: quinnanya)

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