Personal Finance Roundup

How To Tell If You Should Buy an American Car [MSN Money] “Here’s how to decide whether to go domestic.”
Oops, I Screwed Up! How to File an Amended Return [Smart Money] “Here’s what you need to know [to amend a tax return.]”
Amazon’s 25 Software Bestsellers – And Their Free Equivalents [The Simple Dollar] “For most of these pieces of software, there are free equivalents that do almost the same task.”
Face the numbers with personal financial “stress test” [Dallas Morning News] “Consumers should put themselves through a stress test to determine if their personal finances could withstand a job loss, a serious illness or any other unexpected event that would challenge their finances.”
America’s Most Surprising Six-Figure Jobs [Yahoo Finance] “Our list of surprising six-figure jobs.”
FREE MONEY FINANCE (Photo: frankieleon)

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