Ryanair Supposedly Not Kidding About Installing Pay Toilets

If the NYT is to be believed, the CEO of Ryanair, one Michael O’Leary, was not kidding when he said that the low cost airline would be installing pay toilets on board their aircraft. In fact, it seems that these hypothetical toilets will be accepting credit cards.

From the NYT:

Michael O’Leary, Ryanair’s outspoken chief executive, told The Guardian that the airline plans to ask Boeing to add a credit-card reader to toilet locks and wants to reconfigure its 737-800 jets, adding space for six additional seats by removing two of the three toilets. “We are flying aircraft on an average flight time of one hour around Europe,” Mr. O’Leary argued, “what the hell do we need three toilets for?”

Meanwhile, other UK media outlets are reporting that Ryanair is going to get rid of airport check-in desks and will start charging passengers to check-in online. There was also some discussion of making passengers handle their own bags.

Of course, it might all be a bunch of bullsh*t. Previously, O’Leary admitted that the pay toilet scheme was just a PR stunt. Perhaps Mr. O’Leary should charge the newspapers a fee to know if he’s kidding or not.

Budget Airline to Charge for Toilet Use [NYT]

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