Now Allows Returns From HP, IBM and Toshiba, newly reincarnated as a Systemax subsidiary, has changed the return policy language that forbid returns from HP, IBM and Toshiba, ZDnet reports. Hooray. Is Back Online. And, Yes, You Can Return HP, IBM and Toshiba Products. Now. [ZDnet] (Photo: geoff_fox)


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  1. wvFrugan says:

    Too late: I finally got the email opt-out link in a previous CC re-awakening anouncement here on the Consumerist to work. The linked page was rather wonky & I love that they actually send you ANOTHER email to have you click on ANOTHER link and then find ANOTHER opt-out button to confirm that you hate their spam & want them to stop bothering you. Too many GD hoops. Damn that rebate way back when!

  2. Quatre707 says:

    I don’t understand how Systemax keeps growing when it had bad customer service, a horrid track record with rebates, bad sale prices, an unintuitive web site, and they royally screwed up pink Friday…. everyone I know will shop with Newegg long before looking at Tigerdirect.
    They shoulda let CompUSA and Circuit City die.

    • Joeb5 says:

      Tiger lets you pick up at the warehouse new egg does not and the tiger place is near by.

    • citking says:

      @Quatre707: The same reason spam is still around: someone, somewhere, still buys things sold by unscrupulous people using unscrupulous methods. Systemax is no different: until they get investigated for an AIG-like offense they’ll continue to offer high prices lowered by rebates that never arrive and a return policy that is just dismal.

      After the CARD reform act passed I’d really like to see some legislation on rebates. 4 week maximum processing time, interest paid on anything over 4 weeks, denials would require the rebate center to send back the original materials submitted to be fixed and resubmitted within a reasonable timeframe OR a sensible reason why something was denied with the abiliy to petition/appeal the decision, the ability for a state’s AG to oversee any rebate activities, and an end to 30 day rebate check cashing expiration dates. Among other suggestions, of course…

      • lasbrisas says:

        @citking: I don’t see any rebates on the website. Maybe they’ve sworn off rebates.

        I bought a GPS off their email blast and I had a great experience with the new Checkout was a breeze, I got it 2 days later, and it was a brand new product.

        Maybe these guys aren’t as evil as everybody makes them out to be?

  3. PLATTWORX says:

    Never ordered from Systemax or their other companies. Amazing they even have the money to buy these brands if their service is so horrible!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Does does Systemax gain anything from purchasing CompUSA and Circuit City other than brand recognition?

  5. RamV10: The Axeman Returneth says:

    Is there really anything that’s still IBM branded in the consumer market anymore? They spun off printers to ricoh and computers to lenovo.

    It’s not like you’re going to pop down to the CC and buy an iSeries.

    (Just wondering why it’s a big deal they’re accepting IBM returns…seemingly there’s nothing to return)

    • xkevin says:

      @RamV10: Those companies typically offer a 1 year warranty on their products. Tiger doesn’t want to accept a return which would cost them money since they’d have to resell the product as open box for a lower price. This doesn’t usually fly with returners with buyer’s remorse, which is why many companies charge a restocking fee, which Tiger seems to have now implemented.

      • RamV10: The Axeman Returneth says:

        @xkevin: Right but why would they need to take anything back that IBM made when CC didn’t sell anything IBM made in the first place?

        • xkevin says:

          @RamV10: Some laptops are branded IBM Thinkpad since the agreement with IBM and Lenovo doesn’t expire for another year or so.

  6. gStein_*|bringing starpipe back|* says:

    i’m not sure how well they will continue to do – i just bought a 1tb Seagate Freeagent external drive from for $90 – price on tigerdirect? $120

    the price inequalities across the different sites are confusing to consumers, especially when the individual sites are all branded as “a systemax company”

  7. lasbrisas says:

    I don’t get all this hubbub. When I was shopping for the GPS they discounted on their email last week I also looked at their notebooks. They were offering a “30 day guarantee” on the HP notebook I was looking at. I saw the same 30 day guarantee on pretty much everything.