Chase/WaMu Changeover Leads To Comical Levels Of Customer Inconvenience

Shawn was a faithful Washington Mutual customer, and by default is now a Chase customer. Sort of. He learned that the transition will take until September (September?!) and he can’t deposit personal checks in his account—even at a branch—without elaborate workarounds. What kind of bank is that?!

Oh, right. Chase.

I am a former WAMU customer that has been swept into the Chase empire. I still have my WAMU debit card. Did some freelance work last week and received a personal check for $200 that I attempted to deposit into my account, by way of a Chase ATM.

I put my card in, entered my pin and looked for the “Deposit” option. There was none. I tried canceling and entering my information again. No “Deposit”. I did the same thing with the other 3 ATMs there (I was at a Chase branch, after hours), same thing. No option to Deposit.

I drove to the next nearest Chase branch and repeated the process at their 3 ATMs. No option to Deposit.

The next day, Friday, I went into the branch and explained the situation to a teller. She said that was odd and had a look at my account. She explained to me that even though the transfer of account numbers was complete (from WAMU to Chase), and I could use my card to get money out of a machine, I can’t use the machine to put money INTO it. I would have to come into a branch to deposit checks until SEPTEMBER, when the acquisition is complete.

She mentioned, if I wanted to make my life easier, I could open a Chase account now, get a Chase card in 2 weeks, deposit money into that account via the ATM, then wait for it to clear, then transfer the funds to my original account. Yes, to make my life EASIER.

I told her No, I rarely have personal checks. My job is direct deposit. Can you please just deposit my check?

She said, sure. Then called over her manager.

Apparently, at the branch, she couldn’t even deposit the check into my account. (I had plenty of funds to cover it). But this is what they could do. They would cash the check, turn the $200 into a cashier check and send them both to their processing plant. When the personal check cleared, they would deposit the cashier check into my account. I asked the manager how long that would take, and he said it could take up to FIVE DAYS.

I still have the receipt from this tomfoolery and yet to see the funds in my account.

This is not convenient. Oh, Washington Mutual, how I miss you.

Look, I know that massive account changeovers are hard, and that this merger didn’t have a lot of planning behind it, but, seriously, not letting people deposit personal checks? They’re falling out of use, yes, but they’re still rather popular.

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  1. MyPetFly says:

    We were WaMu customers until fairly recently, and thankfully made the switch to a credit union. Much smoother sailing than at any bank I’ve dealt with in a long time.

    • burnedout says:

      @MyPetFly: I only had a WaMu credit card – originally Providian, but stayed after the last changeover. I thought this changeover would be roughly the same, but Chase is insanely disorganized, and has AWFUL service policies. The employees I’ve encountered are really great (I feel so bad for them), but that doesn’t change the fact that the policies suck. My 10% interest rate was just bumped to 25%. An hour on the phone and four employees later, and it’s “down” to 23%. So, after surviving one changeover I’m opening a Visa through my credit union, and Bye-Bye Chase!

    • amuro98 says:


      A few days after Chase announced its acquisition of WAMU, I went to the local credit union and signed up.

      The clerk asked what bank I was using now and I said WAMU. He just nodded and said I was the 5th person today from WAMU he’d help open an account.

      WAMU was a good bank. RIP, WAMU.

  2. Zain says:

    I don’t really see the big deal here. Chase isn’t done integrating everything from WaMu, so you need to continue banking at WaMu branches as you’ve always done in the past until they’ve completed the integration.

    • Laura Northrup says:

      @Zain: Are any WaMu branches still open? They were never a presence here, so I have no idea.

      • Elginista says:

        @Laura Northrup: Yes, we’ve still got WaMu branches open in Chicago. The signage in the windows says “Chase,” but the physical signs on the side of the building still says “WaMu.” Except, of course, for the branches they closed/consolidated.

    • Melissa Hanson says:

      @Zain: too bad most of them have CLOSED.

    • skycrashesdown says:

      @Zain: I’ve heard from mutual customers at my bank that many people in Washington are having these issues too, and all of the WaMus in WA are now officially Chases. My co-worker has checking there and when she asked if checks written on her WaMu account from her old checkbook will still be ok, since she hasn’t been reassigned a new checking account number yet, she was told, “Yeah, we think so.” Very reassuring.

    • dorastandpipe says:

      @Zain: Typically there are signs telling you when they will be able to do transactions for you.

      I am surprised they didn’t just send this person away, that is what I had to do when I worked at one bank and we merged with another. So the fact that this person even got what they did was great customer service.

    • sandy057 says:

      @Zain: Every WaMu that I know of near my apartment in NYC is closed. I walked to three of them tonight to deposit the three paychecks I’ve had to sit on since Friday. They were more common than Starbucks and McDonald’s it seemed like. The only chain more common? Chase. But not a single Chase ATM will allow me to deposit my paychecks. If I have to take time off work tomorrow to physically walk into a bank, it’s going to be to open an account somewhere else.

  3. bkdlays says:

    Just drop them. There is always a new promo going on. Get $30, or some basball tix or something.

    Direct deposit is not a big deal to fix, just open the new account and give your numbers to payroll and your done. Quicker than everything you have gone through so far!

    • LadySiren is murdering her kids with HFCS and processed cheese says:

      @bkdlays: Um, just how would he go about this if he’s a freelancer? It states clearly in the story that this was a check he received for freelance work.

      • utensil42 says:

        @LadySiren: And also states clearly in the story that he rarely has personal checks and that his job is direct deposit. Maybe he has a steady gig with direct deposit and also freelances?

    • katstermonster says:

      @bkdlays: The story specifically states that the OP has no issues with direct deposit, just with a personal check.

      Reading is fun!

      • GearheadGeek says:

        @katstermonster: Yes, it is… it’s amusing to read snarky little tag-lines on comments that suggest that the commenter perhaps didn’t read the original post or earlier comment all that carefully…

  4. STrRedWolf says:

    Makes me wonder if my Provident-turned-M&T accounts will be as affected; so far, my direct deposits landed ok.

  5. Joel The Great says:

    I have a Wamu Account that has moved to Chase, and have had no trouble depositing checks inside a Chase branch. I have deposited roughly 15 checks in the past 3 months with no issue.

    I was informed I would be able to deposit them via a Chase ATM toward the end of July. Not September.

    This is in San Antonio TX if this makes a difference.

  6. TimeDoctor says:

    This whole thing stinks.
    Several years ago I moved to CA from WA with three wamu accounts and was happy to find that there were plenty of branches in CA.

    Since chase took them over I can’t deposit checks without them being physically mailed to Chase in Kentucky (!?) first, even when I go to the teller (in CA.)

    Chase/Wamu banks all have those pin-verification systems which are handy so you don’t have to keep track of your account numbers when you have a bunch of accounts or are just lazy like I am.
    Well, those don’t work with my business account now, probably won’t work with my personal accounts either.

    The best part is that I called Chase today to ask what is going on with this crap and they tell me none of it will be fixed until OCTOBER at the earliest because I opened my accounts out of CA and WA has already switched to chase.

    So my small business checks are in limbo and I need them deposited for food/rent/etc.

    Thanks, pigfucker bankers.

  7. Roxie says:

    That’s so weird. I’m not sure I get it–what’s the difference between a cashier’s check vs a personal check in terms of making a deposit into this guy’s account? I was tempted to think that this was some issue with WaMu routing numbers and/or account numbers, despite the fact that Chase said the transfer of WaMu acct numbers to their system was complete. (That kind of thing can get messy–bank customers aren’t meant to see it from their end, but bank employees can, depending on what department they work in.) But now I’m really not sure–the best I can think of here is that this Chase branch is just really, really crappy. x_x

    • amuro98 says:


      I think part of the problem is accepting an “out of state” check. Even though you’re standing in CA, with a check from someone in CA, in a Chase branch in CA, Chase itself is not “in” CA.

      WAMU got around this by saying “We’re WAMU (of California)” so a check from someone in CA, being deposited into my WAMU (of CA) account at a WAMU branch in CA was considered a local check. Much easier.

      Chase is basically trying to tell people to please go find a competent financial institution. Like Credit Unions, or even (gag) Bank Of America or Wells Fargo.

  8. HiPwr says:

    I was a BankOne customer when Chase swallowed them up. Absolutely no issues with the transition.

    • azntg says:

      @HiPwr: That’s because Chase ended up adopting the BankOne system.

      Original Chase Manhattan and Chemical Bank customers were the ones that experienced issues actually.

  9. Ouze says:

    What I can’t get is why you’re acting like there isn’t a different bank on every given corner of wherever you live. Why show them any loyalty? If this is how things started out, why would you think it would get better over time?

    Go open an account at a credit union.

    • RStui says:

      @Ouze: Here, Here!! I’m not sure if it’s out of loyalty or laziness (not pointing fingers, we all do it), but changing banks isn’t a big deal, really. And you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how accomodating most Credit Unions can be.

      I say drop them like a hot potato, and Move On!!

    • DreamTheEndless: Death's little brother says:

      @Ouze: Because WAMU was an awesome bank deserving of customer loyalty. Just a for instance: WAMU ATMs never charged anyone a fee. Customer or non-customer: no fee to use a WAMU ATM.

  10. Joseph Beck says:

    He tried seven different ATM machines, all with the exact same result? I think I would get the hint after the first two or three or possibly four.

    • Joel The Great says:

      @Joseph Beck: The Chase near where I live has big signs saying if you are a WAMU customer to bring your transaction/deposit inside… looked like standard marketing material that is probably at more than one Chase.

  11. Skaperen says:

    Chase is quite a messed up bank. Years ago I was a Chase customer (by default from another bank they bought). My credit report started listing an unknown credit card account listed as being with Chase. It had a zero balance. I disputed it with the credit reporting agency, but later they said Chase confirmed it. I got the phone number of Chase’s credit card service department, but with the numbers from the credit report they said there was no such account in their computers. I talked to the manager at the branch I banked at and he tried to investigate. He got back nothing. There was an address that came with the credit report information, which was an office at Chase. They never answered the letter. The manager at my branch tried to track down that office, even getting a phone number for it, but no one ever answered his calls there.

    Eventually I decided to close my account at Chase, fearing too much of a computer screwup going on. As I was closing the account with one of the assistant managers, she asked me why I was closing. I told her the story. She then immediately said “oh, that’s just a provisional account ready to be activated if you ever want to have a Chase credit card”. Why is it being reported to my credit record? “That I don’t know. Did you activate it?” No. I never did. I was even more glad I closed my checking account. The credit account on the credit report later disappeared, too.

    • Anonymous says:

      @Skaperen: This happened to me too! The first credit report I requested when I was in college, before I even had a credit card or any kind of credit history, showed a Chase credit card account that had been open for years. At first I thought it was identity theft, but it had been open for several years with a zero balance the entire time, so I just called up and closed it. To this day, I have no idea how they got my personal information or how the account was opened.

    • YarrrSquiddy says:

      @Skaperen: 100% agree. Chase is one of, if not the most horrible bank. From my past experience with them they seem to do fairly well with business’ accounts, but as for individual banking – total shitfest. They managed a similar screw up with my accounts, a computer error or Chase employee who can’t type – whichever – anyway it involved my soc. # – not good. they were all like: “bring in your passport” I’m all “I don’t have one, bitch”, etc. M

  12. salvatorecondegni says:

    I was with bank of new york before chase bought them out. Still with Chase, no problems what so ever.

  13. Dillenger69 says:

    One more reason I’m happy to be a BECU member now. As soon as I heard WaMu was being consumed by the dark side I moved to not-for-profit banking.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Something similar happened to me when my mom sent me a check. They closed most of the WAMU’s around here (Chicago), so I went to a Chase. After standing there in front of the teller for like 10 minutes (in complete silence) he tells me they haven’t converted. He tells me to go to a WAMU down the street (which closed like a month ago) or another Chase by it.

    I go there, and they take my check, deposit slip and ID in the back and don’t come back for 10 minutes. Then the manager there tells me they haven’t converted and directs me to yet another Chase. Head over there, to find they didn’t give me my ID back.

    So I head back to the second Chase to get my ID and complain. She told me I had gone to the wrong place, as the first teller MUST’VE meant the Chase she directed me to. I asked her why it took so long to figure out my bank can’t take my money, as I can’t be the only former WAMU customer coming in there. She told me that wasn’t actually the problem, but maybe if I’d said I was from WAMU when I got there, it wouldn’t have taken so long. Funny, as my deposit slips still say “Washington Mutual.”

    I never found out if the third Chase could deposit the check. Took the check to a Charter One, opened a new account and moved all my money. I was going to let the Chase account sit open (just in case of… something), but after getting the new account terms today and seeing that if I let it sit idle they’ll start hitting me with a fee, it’ll be closed tomorrow.

  15. ShadowWylde says:

    i mentioned this in the thread yesterday. chase has my money and i can’t get to it directly due to having opened the account in CA and living in WA.

    what i thought was most bogus is that i cannot deposit to the account or even cash a check without it being fedexed on my dime to california to be processed. if cashing a check they will fedex the money back to me, on my dime.

    wells fargo, with whom i have another minor account, says they will be _MORE THAN HAPPY_ to accept the funds from my WAMU/Chase accounts. they have even indicated the funds would be available the day after deposit regardless of the amount, which is pretty considerable as it has been my main account.

    however, i am highly considering a local credit union and giving a middle finger salute to all banks from here on out.

  16. Ronin-Democrat says:

    just open the chase account and do as they suggest.
    I will cost them money and you’ll have what you want.
    sorry for them -f’em is what i really mean- if they can’t get their shiznitz together until september

  17. rhys1882 says:

    I live in CA and have not had a problem with my Wamu debit card at former Wamu branches, deposits or withdrawls. Just used it last night.

    • ShadowWylde says:

      @rhys1882: I suspect that is because you have a CA account and live in CA. They are still using the WAMU computer systems. If you lived in another state you would be in the same situation as those of us who can’t use ATMs, deposit checks, withdraw money in the bank branch, or cash a check. The Chase computer software systems do not communicate with the WAMU ones.

      I was told I won’t have access to my money at a WAMU/Chase branch until October here in Washington. If i want to close the CA account to open one in WA I have to physically go the the originating branch in CA.

      They won’t let me write a check on the CA account to open a WA account. How bogus is that?

  18. Heresy Of Truth says:

    We’re having some minor snafu’s as well. We’ve been Wamu customers for 20 years, but are now going to switch to a credit union. This is crazy.

  19. twophrasebark says:

    This may sound crazy… but why didn’t Chase just leave WaMu brand as it was.?

    And when the internal changes were complete… THEN change the signs and tell people that they could now go to any Chase branch.

  20. dwb says:

    I’ve also been a WAMU customer for years – now is definitely the time to switch to a local credit union.

    • ShadowFalls says:


      I have had an account for over 2 years and now they went and changed it so the Savings account is no longer free. There is no real option to make it free. Wamu had some automatic savings plan that made it free, while most places used direct deposit. When Chase switches over, I have no choice but to close the Savings account.

      • yagisencho says:


        Yep, my wife found that out the hard way. More specifically, she had a money market account with WaMu that had a minimum balance policy of $2000. As long as it had 2k, there was no monthly charge.

        So…7 months after Chase buys WaMu’s corpse, they rolled the account over to their equivalent of a money market account. But the new account type requires a minimum balance of $2500. So they charged her $14, sight unseen.

        She immediately closed her Chase accounts and moved her money to our credit union.

  21. artblue35 says:

    This problem is very frustrating, however it is happening because you currently reside in a state that is different than the state where you opened your WaMu account.

    For example, you opened your WaMu account in California. California is using the WaMu computer system and your account is a California WaMu account. You have moved to Washington State and are now trying to bank at a Chase bank. All of the Washington WaMu banks have been transformed into Chase banks and use the Chase computer system. You cannot make your WaMu deposits at Chase banks.

    There is one solution. Open a Chase account using the Chase computer system at your local bank. Then transfer your money to the Chase account. It is better than waiting until your WaMu account is converted to a Chase account several months from now.

    Another example, is if you opened an account in Washington and you now live in California. Your account is now on the Chase system, however your local bank is on the WaMu system and you cannot deposit your checks at the local California WaMu bank(which now has Chase signs but still uses the WaMu computer system).

    The solution is to open up a California WaMu account and transfer your money to it. This way you can deposit checks and have access to an account at your local bank.

    People who still live in the state where their WaMu accounts were created are not having any problems.

  22. ajlei says:

    My boyfriend just told me that while he was in a WaMu/Chase branch a couple of days ago, a woman was complaining about the exact same thing. I’m so glad I left WaMu in 2004.

  23. bossco says:

    This happened to my Mom and Dad’s account yesterday. He wanted to deposit $700 cash and they said they had to make a cashiers check and send it to their original WaMu branch in Utah by US Mail and that it wouldn’t get credited for 4 days! Guess what, they are changing banks tomorrow to a local bank, so screw Chase!

  24. GreatCaesarsGhost says:

    OR, ID, WA, and UT banks that used to be WaMu are now Chase. All accounts and branches in those states are Chase and thus play nice with all other Chase banks, but don’t play well with states that are still WaMu. So if you have a WaMu account in Nevada and are used to doing business in Washington, you’ve got to deal with the special process. But if you had a WaMu account in Washington, you can now go to any Chase nationwide to do your banking.

  25. Anonymous says:

    That’s really odd that this happened to you. I too am a WaMu/Chase customer and I actually deposited a check through the ATM just this Saturday. And two weeks before that. I wonder if they somehow just bungled the transfer of your account to Chase.

  26. Daniel Suslavich says:

    This is funny. I actually had the same expirence last week. I have a MA WaMu account thst I opened in FL. The account sits idle,,, and last week, I was in Washington State and tried to deposit money into the account just to have some activity on it. I tried three different ATMs and couldnt find the option for a deposit (and it was a Sunday, so I couldnt go into a branch)

    So, this poor fellow isn’t the only one having issues with the new transition…

  27. OneTrickPony says:

    It’s inconvenient, to be sure, but I’m not sure that having to deposit at the teller window inside constitutes “an elaborate workaround.”

    • floraposte says:

      @OneTrickPony: Sounds like the teller couldn’t deposit it either, though, and had to convert it to a cashier’s check and send it to their processing plant. That’s pretty elaborate by me.

    • nakedscience says:

      @OneTrickPony: Uh.

      Apparently, at the branch, she couldn’t even deposit the check into my account. (I had plenty of funds to cover it). But this is what they could do. They would cash the check, turn the $200 into a cashier check and send them both to their processing plant. When the personal check cleared, they would deposit the cashier check into my account. I asked the manager how long that would take, and he said it could take up to FIVE DAYS.

    • CharlieInSeattle says:

      @OneTrickPony: Wow did you read a different article?

  28. CoarseLive says:

    I had similar problems when North Fork changed into Capital One. I left Capital One after they charged me nearly $300 in one day for overdrafts when I had checks deposited from local banks and significant funds in my savings.

    GO TO A CREDIT UNION! (if you can)

  29. HeatherLynn30 says:

    I’ve never heard a good thing about WaMu. I would just close my account and take my business elsewhere. If they can’t handle something as routine (these days) as a bank merger, what else are they screwing up?

  30. Cameraman says:

    My wife gets paid in personal checks exclusively from her playgroup’s parents (except for the one couple who pay us in cash, bless their hearts, which helps a lot with the tax avoision), but we’ve had no problems bringing the bundle of checks to our regular WaMu branch. They clear right away, too. Plus the tellers are friendly, knowledgable, and speak English (with just the faintest of accents in one case).

    We’re waiting for Chase to poop all over the punchbowl, but in the meantime, we’re sticking with them.

  31. Anonymous says:

    I am dismayed at how many comments are attacking the customer. Customers are the reason for any business. There is no justification whatsoever for an unacceptable customer experience, and this customer experience is unacceptable. It is the enabling milquetoasts that accept an unacceptable experience as ‘just the way it is, I guess…’ that let piss-poor companies like Chase stay in business. WHY?
    And, by the way, many WAMU branches have been closed. And, by the way, many WAMU employees that previously provided a good customer experience have lost their jobs, or have lost their souls and become Chase drones.
    For goodness sakes, go to a local bank with a good affiliate ATM network. They will know your name, they will treat you like a human being AND like a customer, and you can still access your accounts from the huge network of affiliate ARMs. For example, my community bank uses the Wells Fargo ATM network.
    You do not have to put up with crap like this from crap banks like Chase.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Ok I think I get it, This person opened there WaMu account in California, but now lives in Washington. All the Washington State accounts and banks have switched over to Chase, but since his acccount is a Californiua account it hasnt fully switched over yet…

  33. breese524 says:

    This story makes me even more happy that I dropped WAMU last year. My issue was that their free checking advertised free checks. For some reason, since I opened a free checking account before that promotion, I was not elegible for free checks. So I ended up having to pay for the checks I ordered thinking they would be free. Their convoluted ordering system said that it would look like it was charging me, but that it would be reimbursed for account holders with free checking.

    My fiance, now wife mentioned that her credit union prints check at no charge and also offers free checking with virtually no minimum balence (I think it’s $5). I was a little skeptical at first but decided it was better than what WAMU was offering. So now that we are married, we have joint accounts at the credit union.

    Btw, I can deposit at other credit union’s atms if they are a part of a certain CU 24 network. In fact, I think I would walk in and deposit and withdraw through the teller in the bank if I wanted. Also, when I call the 800 number, I talk to real person pretty quickly. So, the fact that our CU branch is 45 minutes away is no big deal.

  34. cash_da_pibble says:

    I get paid soley by personal checks.

    I really hope this doesn’t affect me- I have a paycheck I need to deposit and if they get all wonky on me I’m liable to asplode.

  35. sanjsrik says:

    LONG before Chase bought WAMU, I had a direct deposit paycheck into my then WAMU account. WAMU cleared it, I paid bills and AFTER the cleared date, WAMU took the money back out of the account saying they were holding it for another five days to clear. All of this meant that ALL the bills I paid bounced. When I called customer service at WAMU, they claimed that my name was a foreign-sounding name and that they had the right to hold on to it as this was an unusual amount (regardless of the fact that this was an ADP-issued payroll check with direct deposit) going IN to my account. In the end, I asked them HOW long it would take to clear my check, waited the ADDITIONAL 5 days, went to a branch, took out ALL the check in cash, and closed my WAMU account.

    WAMU/Chase/IDIOTS-R-US, they’re all the same.

  36. josquin021 says:

    Why not use deposit by mail? Quick and easy; takes a few days for the check to clear, but much easier than going to a branch (or even an ATM?).

  37. treelight says:

    GOOD GOD I AM hating Chase. Long story short, after repeating my story and repeating the info they need to talk to each and every person over the phone calling chase my issue 9 times(which i will tell you soon) has not been resolved. For some reason the Credit part on my debit card stopped working. I did not get a notification that chase suspected fraud so they canceled the credit portion of my card. That’s when i called in, verified that all transaction was by me 3 times. Had to call back because all three times they “accidentlly” hung up on me. Told me they lifed the hold twice. Found out this was not true was advised to go to a branch. went to a branch. lady ther helped. SHE EVEN GOT HUNG UP TWICE BY HER OWN PPLE. (sorry to be continued…)

  38. feckingmorons says:

    Why don’t people with these types of problems switch banks. I use USAA that is great, but I also have a small account at a local bank -a copuple of thousand dollars in a checking account so if I want a roll of quarters or to get some bond coupons deposited I can do it in person.

    Find either a bank that is not jerking everyone around like USAA, or a nice local bank and bank with them. Do you really go to a different state that often and have to use an ATM and want to save the two bucks that much such as to warrant the grief these nationwide banks are giving you?

  39. Anonymous says:

    Same problem here, but you have to understand there is a reason for it. It takes time to integrate the systems and procedures of two formerly separate companies. I went through a merger of two major players in another industry a few years a go. Our dispatch, inventory system and internal policies were a nightmare for quite some time. On the outside, the ads told the customers we were one happy family, ready to serve their needs.

    Knowing this does not ease any frustration for the customer, but at least you can know why this apparently senseless stuff happens.

  40. spikespeigel says:

    I think it’s the other way for me. A whole bunch of WaMus, not a Chase in sight. At least in South Florida.

  41. tz says:

    I keep preaching: CREDIT UNION

    I started a multi-month contract in CA. There are three on my way to work, one about 0.2 miles away. I got the rate sheet, and as usual they are very competitive. They want a $50 minimum daily balance in savings to avoid a maintenance fee, and have the usual overdraft and such (less than banks), and no-fee in network ATM.

    I’m still comparing, but I have my mail forwarded and as soon as I have a check to deposit, I’ll open an account. The worst credit union I’ve been a member has been better than the best bank I’ve used. And they can get direct deposit, do certified checks, etc. Most have credit cards too.

    There must be a battered depositor syndrome that keeps people in these abusive relationships.

  42. Jon Reid says:

    I’m in the process of switching to my local Credit Union, now that the WaMu account I’ve had since elementary school (16 years ago) is now Chase. WaMu was great as far as I was concerned, but everything about Chase seems to be heading in the wrong direction. Banking in general, heck. Credit unions are making a lot more sense these days.