Who Will Perform Warranty Service On My Pontiac, Saab, Hummer, Saturn….

Do you own a GM car (or subsidiary, such as Hummer or Saturn) and are worried about who will perform warranty service? The super-awesome car department over at Consumer Reports checked into this, and learned that the service department of any GM dealership can perform warranty service on your car. They just might not realize that, or might not choose to service Saturns or Hummers.

Check out their post on the subject. (Warning: video clip starts right away.)

Saturn owners should contact customer service to find out where they can get their vehicles serviced, according to General Motors. But they are also allowed to take their cars to dealerships servicing other GM brands for warranty service. However, a Chevrolet dealer in the Hartford area said they are not servicing Saturn vehicles under warranty, and the CBS Early Show found only four non-Saturn GM dealers out of 20 that they contacted in New York and New Jersey would accept a Saturn car for warranty service.

Who will perform warranty service my GM car? [Consumer Reports Cars Blog]

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  1. Jim Topoleski says:

    Report them then.

    GM said over 2 years ago, EVERY deal had to service EVERY car, well before the current situation.

    If they are not servicing GM cars other than their own, they are now violating their agreement.

    • MustyBuckets says:

      @Jim Topoleski: I don’t think GM said that two years ago knowing they’d have not only filed for chapter 11, but sold (or are trying to sell) those other divisions.

    • Geekybiker says:

      @Jim Topoleski: Do you honestly want someone working on your car who you have to force to do it? Sounds like a recipe for sub-standard repairs.

    • Verucalise (Est.February2008) says:

      @Jim Topoleski: I bought a Saturn Vue with an extended GM service contract- I was told I could get my vehicle serviced at any GM dealership.

      Wrong. Every GM dealership denied this warranty program, saying they don’t touch Saturns. I eventually had to drive 50 miles out of my way to a Saturn dealership for any and all repairs pertaining to the warranty. I was furious. Called up the 1-800 service number with my warranty card and was told, verbatim “Any GM dealership can ACCEPT the warranty, but we can’t force them to.”

      I was lied to at the dealership about this situation back in 2005. GM needs to step up and not make this worse for loyal car owners for Saturn, Pontiac, ETC.

      Besides, after my warranty expired, my local GM dealership said at least 1/2 (if not more) of my car was interchangeable parts with other GM vehicles. They had a computer system in their parts department that crossed analyzed parts for different GM vehicles- parts that usually listed just a chevy cavalier would say “Can be used on an 02 Saturn Vue” and such. Shouldn’t be this hard to get a vehicle repaired!!

      What gives, GM?

    • th1nwhiteduke says:

      @Jim Topoleski: No, they don’t. Dealers can deny warranty work on brands they service if you didn’t buy it from their dealership. NY and NJ are notorious for doing this.

  2. Jim Topoleski says:

    @MustyBuckets: Doesnt matter though, the dealer contracts are still valid with those who they are keeping, and the contract basically states that as long as its a GM vehical (of which those are regardless of who gets them) then they have to service them

    Dont take my word though, take GMs.


    • MustyBuckets says:

      @Jim Topoleski: Yeah, I pawed through those ‘ask Jill’ questions, and you are right. The way it’s said still leads me to worry, offering the Saturn number if the GM dealership won’t service it. I wonder what that number can do for you if you are indeed turned down for warranty work…

  3. Blueskylaw says:

    Check the web site:


    for information as it becomes available or call 1-866-405-4005 to talk to a real person.

    According to todays New York Times, The Treasury said it will stand behind warranties for cars purchased during the restructing period for both GM and Chrysler, and GM itself said that it would honor existing warranties. If you own, say, a Saturn and the company ultimately does away with the brand, other GM dealers will perform the repairs.

    Isn’t the economic crisis wonderful. Not only can you buy all your bills, notes and bonds from the treasury, but now they will change your oil too.

    • HiPwr says:

      @Blueskylaw: God help you if you have to rely on the government for warranty work on your car. These GM dealers will pull their heads out of their asses and service Saturns, etc. It appears that their reluctance is based soley on ignorance.

  4. Skankingmike says:

    So now that they’re owned by the government can somebody just bring their car into their local federal office and say fix it!

  5. Lucky225 says:

    You mean Auto-One won’t take care of me? I thought that’s why they keep calling me with my second notice.

  6. Oranges w/ Cheese says:

    I wonder if the local Kia dealership will service my Hyundai.. considering they are the same company.

  7. KMan13 still wants a Pontiac G8 says:

    i still want a pontiac G8

  8. narf says:

    Strange that other GM dealers would turn down doing service work … they get paid back for the warranty work anyways. While not every warranty job is going to be lucrative, money is money and with the way service departments are working these days (or rather, not working), a good job will get customers coming back for other maintenance work.

    Then again, the shortsightedness of the short term (little job) vs. the long term (good customer service for little job = more business) isn’t anything new either …

    • NICU says:

      @narf: They’re already too busy with their specific GM brands being broken all the time. They can’t handle the workload of every brand.

    • Sudonum says:

      I used to take my GMC to my local Chevy dealership because they had a much better service department, that was like 7 years ago. Then the service writer at the Chevy dealership told me that they could no longer service other GM products and those instructions had come directly from GM. I called GM at the time and they confirmed it. Apparently the dealers with the lousy service departments were whining about losing business. I told the GMC dealer where I bought the car that if their service department was half as good as my Chevy dealers they would be getting the business as they were closer. All I got was a comment that they couldn’t compete with them on service. Well Duh!!!

  9. Lucky_Strike-001 says:

    There is a reason Saturn cars are hard to get warranty service on (let alone non-warranty service). They are built funny. The have strange engineering and they don’t share their repair manuals so you always have to bring a Saturn back to a Saturn dealership. My father called around a total of three repair shops to get his Saturn L200 fixed out of warranty. Looks like this business practice has screwed customers even more now that the mechanics most familiar with Saturn cars no longer have Saturn dealerships to work at.

    • Anne Boleyn says:

      @Lucky_Strike-001: Take everything you wrote and multiply times ten for Saab. Everything except the repair manuals…I have one from jolly old England that works great for my 9-3. But other than that, they’re a pain in the ass to get fixed. Oh boy, they’re fun cars though!

    • TWinter says:

      @Lucky_Strike-001: This is unfortunately true.

      My city doesn’t have a Saturn dealer and I went to three places and couldn’t find anyone willing/able to change the stupid fuel filter on my Saturn when the time came. I finally took it 30 miles to the nearest dealer to get some relatively simple maintenance done.

      • JediJohn82 says:


        Not sure which Saturn you have, but I have an ’99 SL2 and it took literally not even 5 minutes to replace the fuel filter. You just unscrew the bracket, you squeeze the fuel line connectors to take them off, and then insert the new fuel filter.

        Now replacing the fuel pump is a whole other bag of worms…which I did as well and took a lot more time!

    • My A Arm says:

      @Lucky_Strike-001: For what it’s worth, most Saturns that are still under warranty are mechanically identical to something from another GM brand. The Astra should be the only real exception (alhough trim bits might be a pain in the ass to get fixed).

  10. hardcle says:

    My Saturn is out of warranty, but when all of the local Saturn dealers shut down, I received notices and ads from another GM dealer stating that I had been “assigned” to them for service.

  11. Winteridge2 says:

    is that silverado still up for sale? I always did want one. Maybe it is still under warranty?

  12. Margaret Powell says:

    How would this work for the dealer though? Are they guaranteed to get their reimbursement from GM or are these additional debts that GM can hide from through their reorganization? This doesn’t sound fair for the dealers.

    • Jesse says:

      @Margaret Powell:

      I only have a very high level understanding of how things work in Bankruptcy, but I think that payment for warranty claims would have to be approved by the bankruptcy judge.

      For all we know, this has already happened.

  13. Nogard13 says:

    What about leases? Whom should current lessees turn their cars into at the end of their term?

  14. Mary Marsala with Fries says:

    @Jim Topoleski: They’ll just tell you what they’re telling all their retirees: We’ve altered the deal. Pray we don’t alter it further.

  15. TheWraithL98 says:

    my experiences with taking any gm vehicle to any gm dealer have been fine.

    i had a 00 pontiac that i bought in ny and when i moved to pa, i was able to get it serviced by a local pa pontiac dealer. my brother and i later each bought 04 pontiacs from that pa pontiac dealer (who is now closed).

    my wife and i now have an 07 and an 08 chevy under warranty that we take to a local pa chevy dealer, where only one of the 2 cars was bought. i bought the 07 in NJ, the closest dealer who had the vehicle i wanted, and i’ve never once went back there for any sort of service, etc.

    my brother bought an 08 chevy at the same pa dealer, but he now gets both his 08 chevy and his 04 pontiac serviced at the pa chevy dealer.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Can you imagine the smile on the service writer at the chevy store when your 09 saab sputters in the door for warranty work. The master tech’s will be fighting for a crack at that euro import. And don’t forget the grin on the face of the parts manager.

  17. synergy says:

    I’m still trying to get over the possibility of Hummers being sold to the Chinese. Um noooo! They’re polluting well enough on their own!

    • Matthew Pettengill says:


      They can import Hummers now if they want to, they will just be a little cheaper for them if they end up manufacturing them there. Also, there are far fewer Chinese who can afford a Hummer than Americans, so it’s unlikely the purchase will have a noticebale effect on the number of Hummers on the Street in China.

  18. flyromeo3 says:

    see,…thats the reason they are in this mess to begin with. No one is on the same page!

  19. lasbrisas says:

    The service department at my GMC dealer was horrible. Their hours were short, their waits were long and their management didn’t give a crap. I always took my GMC Envoy to a nearby Chevy dealer that took appointments 7 days a week and the service advisor always asked a manager and always performed the required service–even warranty claims. Any GM dealership should be able to service any GM car with few exceptions. Hell, they share assembly lines they should share service bays, too.

  20. Heresy_Fnord says:


    Straight from Saturn’s website. First, go to a Saturn dealer that is open. If one is not open, go to any GM dealership. If they non-Saturn dealer won’t do warranty repairs (why this is, is beyond me and probably what is wrong with GM) then call Saturn Customer assistance at 800-553-6000. Luckily my area Saturn dealer is still open. Saturn of Cool Springs, Franklin, TN.

  21. Anonymous says:

    My Saturn dealer evaporated and I needed some complicated ABS work done on my VUE. I called the local Chevy/SAAB service shop who agreed to take a look, but cautioned that they might have trouble finding specific parts. The could fix it, but its going to be rather difficult going forward if Saturn parts become scarce.

  22. Michael Kinne says:

    Having enjoyed the dubious pleasure of working for General Motors telephone customer service some years ago, I can tell you the best way to convince a dealer they WILL honor the warranty agreement purchased with your vehicle is to involve GM customer care.

    GM Corp may have lost some of the clout with their dealer/ owners since the glory days (I personally instructed a dealership to provide a brand new motor to a customer based on past sales numbers and consistency at a different dealership), but the basic shape of the business model remains the same. GM Corp builds the care, provides the marketing basics, manages the education for service personnel, and makes a killing (long term) incentivizing GMAC car loans. The dealer sells cars and provides maintenance and service. From what I remember of the 5 week training many years ago, a dealership can be cut off for failing to honor service commitments as instructed by Corporate.

    Give a ring to the customer service and explain what the dealership is doing and why you need GM to get involved, if for no other reason that you trusted them with yoru money when the sale was made and they now owe you.

    Be sure to call the customer service number for your car brand (customer assistance has support broken out by brand specialty, although I remember there were generalists too). [www.gm.com] will lead you to the right 800 number. Be ready to provide a lot of contact information; if you are rockstar enough to have your VIN (vehicle identification number, the thing you see upside-down reflected above the dash when driving) handy, you make a lot of details about your car easy. Since your VIN decodes all of those questions about car age, model, and specific options on your car the phone rep can even inform you of any recalls you haven’t yet had corrected.

    The dealership is hardly the last resort. There are many layers of management you can request become involved above the dealer’s service manager; district managers or regional managers can instruct a dealership to provide service where they may have denied service on their own. If the customer service rep can make a case for GM brand loyalty in any way, that goes a long way as well. Regularly going to a specific dealership for oil changes and service, a history of purchases from GM dealerships, anything where you’ve given money to GM and demonstrated a continuity with the GM brands.

    Anyway, just my 2 cents; I could be very out of date with this info though.

  23. skb1976 says:

    I still hope for a return to the heyday of Saturn. My second car is a Saturn SL2 I bought off the showroom floor in 2000. I love it, and have always said that when the time came, I’d replace it with another Saturn. Thankfully, with almost 105,000 miles on her, she’s still running as beautifully as the day I got her. I can easily see her getting up to 300K before I have to let her go.