Who Will Perform Warranty Service On My Pontiac, Saab, Hummer, Saturn….

Do you own a GM car (or subsidiary, such as Hummer or Saturn) and are worried about who will perform warranty service? The super-awesome car department over at Consumer Reports checked into this, and learned that the service department of any GM dealership can perform warranty service on your car. They just might not realize that, or might not choose to service Saturns or Hummers.

Check out their post on the subject. (Warning: video clip starts right away.)

Saturn owners should contact customer service to find out where they can get their vehicles serviced, according to General Motors. But they are also allowed to take their cars to dealerships servicing other GM brands for warranty service. However, a Chevrolet dealer in the Hartford area said they are not servicing Saturn vehicles under warranty, and the CBS Early Show found only four non-Saturn GM dealers out of 20 that they contacted in New York and New Jersey would accept a Saturn car for warranty service.

Who will perform warranty service my GM car? [Consumer Reports Cars Blog]

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