KFC Free Meal Rainchecks Come With Generous Helping Of Potatoes

You forgot about the free grilled chicken meals from KFC, didn’t you? Well, I did. Melissa in Maine reported that she was able to use her raincheck coupon, and was satisfied with her meal. Or at least the side dishes.

I don’t know if anyone’s written to you about the aftermath of KFC, but I thought I should give my report from Maine. After all the posts about how KFC gave up on their promotion and was instead asking folks to fill out forms for their raincheck 2 piece meal, I certainly wasn’t expecting much from my local KFC. But when I walked in and timidly
asked if they were accepting the coupons, the assistant manager brightly exclaimed with a “Yes – we sure are!” I even noticed 3-4 coupons by the register that they had already accepted earlier that day. I’ve included a photo for you because before I even noticed how small the chicken pieces were (as most people noticed when the promotion first started), I was surprised by the portions of the sides. I haven’t seen that much mashed potato in an individual side in years! Did this happen anywhere else or was my branch just incredibly generous and compensation for the small pieces of grilled chicken?

Has anyone else turned in their raincheck coupons?

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