Grocery Shrink Ray Extends To Propane Refills

When the cost of propane shot up to $1.70 or more per gallon last year, propane dealers quietly cut the amount they were putting into refilled tanks without telling customers. Now the cost of propane is under a dollar per gallon, but retailers aren’t increasing the amount back to previous levels.

A Home Depot spokesperson told the Associated Press that there have been no customer complaints, but most of their customers probably don’t know about it in the first place. Home Depot’s customers may be happy, but there have clearly been some complaints in California, because the state has launched an investigation into “short filling” to see why retailers have effectively raised prices on the gas without clearly notifying customers.

“Propane suppliers quietly reduce size of refills” [Associated Press] (Thanks to Larry and Cathy!)
“Propane ‘Short-Filling’ Launches State Investigation” [KTXL Fox40]
(Photo: sidewalk flying)

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