Car Ad On Craigslist Has Hidden Paragraph On Hitler

Our commenter Zorantor discovered a weird, uh, can you call this an Easter egg?, buried at the bottom of a Craigslist post last night:

I was poking around craigslist tonight, to see if I could find a gift for a friend of mine who’s interested in World War II. I didn’t find much that caught my eye. That is, until I tried searching “Hitler.”

This is the very first post that came up:”

It’s an advertisement for an Internet-based car dealership. It wasn’t immediately apparent to me what a 2009 Toyota Corolla had to do with the führer, I did a ctrl-F to search for the term.

What I discovered is that at the bottom of the page, beneath the ad and in white text (so as to be invisible until highlighted) was an incomplete paragraph about Hitler’s rise to power, written in such a way that it could be praise depending on how the paragraph ends.

I thought it was traditional to use George Washington and Abraham Lincoln to sell cars, but I guess in this economy people are willing to try anything.