Angry Bees Attack New York GameStop

A swarm of bees gathered yesterday outside the GameStop in Union Square, possibly to demand a higher trade-in value for their games. Store employees were trapped inside for hours and eventually hung a sign reading: “Look! … closed due to bee infestation.”

In fact, it took two hours to get some help…and that was only after Eyewitness News called the police department…who said, call the fire department…who said, call 9-1-1…who said, call 3-1-1..who said, call the mayor’s office.

In the meantime, a Good Samaritan — tried to remove the immediate hazard out on the sidewalk. He lured about a thousand bees into a bag — which was later placed inside a box. But pedestrians were still at risk, and the bees continued to filter out of the building.

Eyewitness News: “What were people doing when you approached this??”
Good Samaritan, Edward Albers: “I don’t know…they were laughing…some of ’em…”
Eyewitness News: “Was anyone stung??”
Albers: “Not yet…”

And finally, at around 4 p.m. the NYPD’s bee specialist arrived — but removing the hive was no easy task…

“I’m probably gonna be relying on scent…the queen bee’s scent…it could take a half hour, an hour…two hours…I don’t know,” NYPD bee expert Tony Planakis said.

The NYPD, which apparently has bee experts on staff, successfully lured the hive into boxes, which they plan to ship upstate.

Bees swarm store in NYC [ABC via Gothamist]


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  1. Kenny Strong says:

    NYPD has a bee specialist?!

    • nybiker says:

      @Kenny Strong: My guess is that he’s an on-call person which would explain why he took so long to arrive. It’s not like he was responding to other bee calls.

      I can just see the next academy class:

      “ok, who wants to go into beekeeping?”

      no hands get rasised.

      “alright, who wants an action-packed assignment?”

      all hands go up.

      “ok, you and you and you are now the new beekeeper probies. get ready for your honey-do lists.”

    • Meathamper says:

      @Kenny Strong: Your tax dollars at work.

  2. Mknzybsofh says:

    Makes me wonder if they have a Zombie specialist on staff as well.

  3. rpm773 says:

    What is it with these immigrants from Samaria, always helping out and knowing what to do in times of crisis?

  4. xsmasherx says:

    Bah. Probably a publicity stunt for the new Halo game. I hear they love bees, you know?

  5. MissTicklebritches says:

    Why are we assuming they were angry? Maybe they were happy bees! Their faces are so small, it would be hard to see the little tiny smiles.

  6. Laura Northrup says:

    which they plan to ship upstate.

    AH CRAP. I’d better stay away from GameStop.

  7. riverstyxxx says:

    Even mild-tempered non-africanized honeybees disapprove of Gamestop business practices. It’s possible a pissed-off game company was behind this :P

    Here’s a tip if you want to get some games for next to nothing: Stand outside the gamestop and wait for someone to come walking in with a stack of games (Usually you wont have to wait long). Wait in line until the employee offers them about a dollar for each game. Prey on that low offer then offer the customer a few dollars more, works every time. Last time I did that I got like 5 games for less then 10 bucks :)

    • figaro1010 says:


      So what you are saying is you offered him a little more than a dollar a game?

      Great going there pal. I guess this makes you marginally better?
      I guess I will wait behind you in line and watch you get asked to leave the store and not come back.

      • gStein_*|bringing starpipe back|* says:

        @figaro1010: i’m pretty sure that riverstyxxx wasn’t going to turn around and sell them as “new” for $20 each

  8. jeffs3rd says:

    That Gamestop was covered in BEES!

  9. jfischer says:

    Swarms are simply looking for a new home, have nothing to defend, and are therefore are bees in their most docile state. “Angry” is a very ignorant term to use with bees, as a swarm cannot even be called “defensive”.

    Come to our free classes if you’d like,

  10. HogwartsAlum says:

    The poor little bees are having problems already with that bee disease. Don’t kill them!

    I don’t want a bee to sting me because a) it hurts, and b) it kills them. :(

  11. Papa Midnight says:

    Smart Bees…

  12. ShirtNinja says:

    Maybe these bees are the leftovers from here: []

    Those poor bees just can’t get a break, can they?

  13. Sean Beattie says:

    You guys missed the boat on some great tv and movie references.

    “I, for one, would like to welcome our new bee overlords.”


    Any reference to the hilariously bad “Wicker Man” remake with Nic Cage. I mean c’mon, it would’ve been hilarious.

  14. arthurborko says:

    I think the bees were mad that they didn’t have any copies of the Bee Movie Video Game.

  15. Rob Markowitz says:

    Um, why didn’t anyone think to call an exterminator or building management? If they couldn’t handle it, they probably could have recommended some who could.

    • Daniels says:

      @Rob Markowitz: Ever try to get an exterminator on a holiday weekend? Me neither, but I bet it’s not easy.

    • Powerlurker says:

      @Rob Markowitz:

      In some states, you can’t exterminate bees (assuming they’re bees and not wasps or hornets) but instead need a beekeeper to relocate the entire hive. Now think about how many beekeepers there are likely to be operating in NYC.

  16. Shoelace says:

    Why didn’t the bee guy show up in a suit, tell people to move away (which shouldn’t be a problem), and spray a huge can of insecticide around? Quick and effective.

    Also, I find it hard to believe the GameStop employees were really trapped. Don’t the fire codes require a second exit?

    • hedonia says:

      @Shoelace: He probably didn’t spray insecticide because we’re already having a problem with the collapsing bee population; killing a bunch of lost bees for no reason would only make the crop pollination problem worse.

  17. tony_important says:

    Does anyone else smell a terrible “Law and Order” spin-off series coming?

    • madanthony says:


      In the Insect Justice System, the insects are represented by two separate but equal sides – Gamestop employees who find the bees, and NYPD bee specialists, who ship the bees upstate. Here are their stories…

      • nybiker says:

        @madanthony: Just make sure to have the obligatory “No bees were harmed in the making of this episode” and “The following is a work of fiction. This was not ripped from the headlines of the NY Post” messages.

    • B1663R says:

      @tony_important: Law and Order BSU

      i can see that…

  18. parrotuya says:

    Attack of the killer bees!

  19. SnozberryLicker_GitEmSteveDave says:

    My theroey is that this store had offered a great deal they had no way of filling, so they released killer bees to try to dissuade people from buying. It’s works w/RV’s and eBay!

  20. jpdanzig says:

    This is karmic retribution if I’ve ever seen it!

    That GameStop is probably the worst video game store I’ve ever had the misfortune to wait in line in.

    The place is a mess, and the employees are VERY unhappy.

    I’m not surprised a swarm of bees descended on them. I believe the locusts are scheduled for next week. Stay tuned…

    • Vld says:

      @jpdanzig: I have to agree with you there. I’ve been to that store and it’s total crap. On the launch of KZ2 their credit card reader stopped working. When the clerk starts saying “cash only” he might as well be closing the store early.

  21. Anonymous says:

    GAH! I can’t stand how people always play all bees as “ANGRY”. When bees swarm, they are so not angry. Without a home to defend, they are completely docile. I just sat in the middle of a swarm Saturday afternoon when one of our hives threw one. It was the coolest thing ever. To sit in the middle of tens of thousands of them and they absolutely won’t hurt yoiu. We even managed to catch them and re-house them in a temporary hive.
    It’s unbelivable how people are just naturally scared of bees. Bees rock. The more I’ve learned about them, the more I respect them.
    Now if it were yellow jackets or some nasty bald-faced hornets, then be scared. They are always angry. It’s just their nature.

  22. anduin says:

    I understand all the anti hate for gamestop, you people love that store for god knows what reason and justify shopping there for other absurd reasons. All I can say is trading a brand new game in for 20$ then having them slap the yellow sticker on and resell it for 54.99 is wrong, sure theyre allowed but people don’t seem to want to put in the extra 5 minutes of effort of trying to sell it privately for say…$40. I always search the auction sites for cheap used games that 99% of the time in mint condition.

  23. Joe Hoover says:

    [insert battletoads joke here]

    honestly, anyone who shops at gamestop kinda deserves to be stung by bees . . .