Swarm Of Bees Gets Loose In Parking Lot Of Walmart, Sends 3 Customers To Hospital

The Oklahoma Walmart Bee Invasion began with a routine transaction. No, Walmart isn’t selling bees now: two beekeepers met up in the store’s parking lot to complete the sale of three hives of around 10,000 bees each in a public place. Instead, the bees got loose, stinging people in the parking lot. Three people had severe enough problems that they were transported to the hospital.

Additional beekeepers came to the parking lot of the Walmart Neighborhood Market to collect the useful insects, but when they first escaped, the insects stung multiple customers, including one firefighter who was on the scene to help.

Of the hospitalized people, the last report local news had on Sunday night was that two of them were in “serious” condition, and one in good condition.

Bee stings can cause sudden, severe, and life-threatening reactions in people, even people who didn’t previously know that they had an allergy, or who had been stung without any symptoms other than local pain and swelling in the past.

3 taken to hospital after being stung by bees outside metro Walmart [KOCO]
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