Reader Asks, "Is It Impossible To Unsubscribe From"


Okay, we’re being a little dramatic there, but is part of the cesspool of the Internet, a faux-legit site that uses any shady tactic it can to acquire and keep members, regardless of any genuine interest they may have in the service. We don’t know if you can truly successfully unsubscribe from their junk emails because we’re not sure they’d ever honor such a request, but here are two other options.

1. Cancel your membership completely.
Recommended. This PC Mag article says you’ll have to call them, go through a quick menu tree, and then you’ll get a live operator.

That still may not remove you entirely from their system, so your other option is to

2. Set up a filter so that you never see another email from again.
Also recommended. Of course, you can set up a filter in most email accounts so that any communication from the domain can be caught and removed before you ever have to see it. (Make sure you check out the email addresses on some recent messages from them to verify the domain name they’re using.) We also suggest changing your email address in your account settings at before you cancel the account, so that you can create a more robust filter that will catch anything they send regardless of which domain they use.

(Thanks to Amanda!)
(Illustration: Lentini)

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