HP Calls About Pants Burnin' Laptop

HP called Consumerist about our inquiry about Jillian’s sparking and flaming HP dv2845se laptop adapter that she says burned a hole in her pants and caused a welt on her leg. Jillian had also alleged that HP customer service, regular and escalated, was both unresponsive and rude. HP told us….

…they sent Jillian a new adapter and had received her old adapter. HP said that the adapter cords were bent and abused and that’s what caused the device failure. They also said that Jillian had further complained about her laptop overheating and they had said she could send it in but she did not want to.

Reached for additional comment, Jillian disagreed with HP’s version. By email she said that her “laptop power cord was never bent, twisted, or pinched. My laptop was never used for travel. I’m an adult with no children, and it has only been used by me (quite gently I might add).”

She acknowledged that she received the replacement adapter but, since it was sent without HP checking out the first one, she felt uncomfortable using it, not wanting a repeat of the fire incident.

In addition, she said she had complained about the laptop overheating for months, that it would get, “scalding hot to the touch after only 10 minutes of use.” It was only the morning that HP called Consumerist that HP told Jillian she should send her laptop in to have it looked at.

Despite HP’s efforts, Jillian has given up on the computer maker. “At this point, I want nothing more to do with this laptop and the people at HP,” she writes. “I would like to either receive an apology with a replacement laptop, or have them buy it back from me. This laptop is a safety hazard, and I have enough to worry about without wondering if my laptop is going to burn my house down every time I leave the room.”

Well, apologies aren’t worth the paper, or pixels, they’re printed on so your best bet at this point is to send in your laptop to HP for repair.

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(Photo: rust.bucket)

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