Donation Drive Raises $8,292.04

Thank you everyone who contributed to! Together we raised $8,292.04 for Consumerist. Thank you for your awesome show of support. The monies raised will go to help defray the costs of writers’ salaries, servers and legal costs for the site. Now, as promised as a sort of cherry on top of this whole endeavor, stay tuned for the Consumer Reports Snuggie test video… (Photo: Kila (kee-la))


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  1. illtron says:

    Just going to throw this out there… I hope you test the Snuggie before *and* after washing it. It gets a lot more comfortable after it’s been washed. I don’t think it’s even possible to give it a fair review in its unwashed state.

    I still want a Slanket though.

    • Ben Popken says:

      @illtron: Lots of fun things happen to a Snuggie after you wash it. Like pilling!

    • Jeremy82465 says:

      @illtron: My friend got me a slanket when they first popped onto the scene about 3 or 4 years ago. They are really heavy duty blankets and really warm, I think you would enjoy it if you got one.

      • illtron says:

        @Jeremy82465: Yeah, the Snuggie was a gag birthday gift from my fiancée. It’s so easy to make fun of the Snuggie, but I’ve got to admit, it serves a purpose. I think that once it gets cold again, I might drop the money on a couple of Slankets.

  2. travisw says:

    Kind of sad that so few people donated.

  3. gaberussell says:

    I’m still voting for a shwag store. I’ll buy an overpriced Consumerist mug to benefit the site.

    Does that make me a bad consumer?

  4. downwithmonstercable says:

    I’m wondering how this all works…doesn’t Consumer Reports own and pay for everything? Why the tip jar? Is it just to help offset costs because CR is a non-profit?

  5. veg-o-matic says:

    @illtron: Just for the color selection alone, Slanket wins. Add to that the lack of a chintzy “booklight free gift,” and the Slanket is a winner.

    O’course, that doesn’t mean I’ll plunk down $40 Whole American Dollars for it.

    But it has my emotional support.

  6. Trai_Dep says:

    Will we be having a donation request featuring The Captain?
    If not, and it’s tailing off, I’ll kick some in. But I was hoping to throw a $20 once he sashayed on-stage, flicking his full, furry tail from side-to-side. It gave me hope.

    Wait. That came out sounding sorta pervy…

  7. PhoebeHumphrey says:


    • downwithmonstercable says:

      @PhoebeHumphrey: I think you’re donating to consumer reports/consumer’s union, which is a non profit.

      • PhoebeHumphrey says:

        @downwithmonstercable: they used to mention donating to a BLAHBLAH LLC which the said was nonprofit, but when i checked DL state web it was FOR PROFIT. they have since removed this reference from the donate website…seems fishy.

    • pop top says:

      @PhoebeHumphrey: Not that I’m saying anyone is lying/hiding anything, but this is a good point. I searched a few different sites (MANTA, IRS’ non-profit search site and BBB) and couldn’t find a listing for them as being non-profit. I can only find their own site ([]) that says they’re a non-profit. All the other hits are news articles saying that it’s a non-profit, with no definitive proof.

      Consumer Media LLC is a subsidiary of Consumer’s Union, which I assume they created as the LLC to “run” this site. So you’re technically donating to CU overall, but it would be nice if there was some clarification on this issue.