Video: Panel w/ Craig Newmark, Bob Sullivan, Rachel Sklar, Ben Popken

Here’s the video of the Consumerist/Consumer Reports panel Tuesday night with with Craig Newmark, Bob Sullivan, Rachel Sklar, and Ben Popken. Moderated by Consumer Reports Editorial Director Kevin McKean, the topic was “Protecting The Endangered Consumer: High Impact Journalism In A Low-Budget Era.” Highlights….

Newmark said reviewing stuff online “was like voting” and called it “patriotic” ; Sklar said consumers and reporters using online tipsters should “Trust, but verify” ; Sullivan said that we shouldn’t let our guard drop just because we have a more populist President so “keep asking hard questions” ; I noted how companies had “figured out the rules of engagement a long time ago” and use them against journalists to kill stories.

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  1. LetMeGetTheManager says:

    I was there directly behind her filming! I could tell she really wanted to zoom in on Ben though…but she never did.

  2. OnThe$20Coin_GitEmSteveDave says:

    I forgot how expressive your face was during the panel Ben. I really liked everyone on the panel except for Craig. I think his uranium comment put me off a little.

  3. Flyinace2000 says:

    Is the video not loading for anyone else?