Gamestop Decides To Charge The Higher Of Two Sticker Prices, Won't Refund Difference

Matt bought a used game from Gamestop, and there were two prices on the case. Instead of being charged the lower $14.99 price, the cashier charged him $19.99. Matt only noticed this after he left the store, so he returned and asked for an adjustment. The cashier refused, then tried to remove the cheaper tag in front of Matt. Update: Matt spoke with a District Manager and got a full refund.

On his blog, Matt writes,

I’ve called Gamestop’s customer service number (1-800-883-8895), explained the situation and asked for a five dollar price adjustment. I’d actually be more than happy to even take it in store credit – that’s how agreeable I’m being about this – but the customer service rep told me to take the issue up with the district manager. He supplied this person’s name and number. It being a Sunday, she wasn’t in her office.

I’ve worked retail before, and I thought that it was illegal not to honor the price as marked on your merchandise. If it’s not illegal, it’s at least not especially ethical. This really seems amazing that I’m having to go through this many people for them to adjust the price to what’s marked on the box.

We also like the DIY approach suggested by a commenter on Matt’s blog, which is to simply return the game for a store credit before the 7 day return period has ended. We checked the Mississippi AG’s website for information on your state’s sticker laws, Matt, but couldn’t find a clear answer; you should contact them yourself to confirm whether they broke the law, and to file a complaint if they did.

“Gamestop not honoring price as marked on merchandise” [Enter the Octopus]

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