RadioShack Electronics Trade-In Program Not The Fastest Way To Get Cash

A Dallas Morning News blogger decided to test out RadioShack’s new trade-in program, where you mail them your unwanted cellphone, for example, and they mail you a gift card, which you can then turn around and use to buy 7,000 house brand AAA batteries. As you might expect, RadioShack didn’t offer him as much money for his Blackberry Storm as he saw them going for on eBay, but the real problem came from the missed deadlines and delays in getting his gift card: what they said would take one week ended up taking 5 1/2 weeks, and might have taken longer had he not emailed them.

“DMN reporter tests RadioShack’s gadget trade-in program; RadioShack tests reporter’s patience” [Dallas Morning News] (Thanks to Trevor!)
(Photo: Robbert van der Steeg)

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