Package Mauled By Puppies After Fedex Delivery Error

Jill is annoyed at Fedex. First, they delivered her package to the wrong house. Normally, this is a minor error and an opportunity to visit with your neighbors, but Fedex didn’t deliver it to just any house. They opened the gate and put her package inside the fenced-in yard where two evidently bored puppies were hanging out.

Annoyed, she e-mailed Fedex, copying Consumerist:

My neighbor came by a few days ago to deliver my FedEx package that was dropped at his house instead of mine. The delivery person not only delivered it to the wrong home, but he also ignored the sign on my neighbor’s gate that said “Beware of Dogs.” He dropped it over the fence to be eaten by my neighbor’s puppies. I have attached pictures of the damage.

I am extremely upset and disappointed. On top everything else, we receive packages to our home on a regular basis, all of which are delivered to our correct address –meaning our home is not hard to find.

Yes, delivery people encounter dogs all the time, but leaving a box within canine reach? Imagine if the package were a big box of chocolates—the dogs would have died.

Side note: Looking at the pictures, I noticed that the item was mailed in a USPS Priority Mail box, turned inside out. Not cool. That’s illegal.

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