Woman Dies In Walmart Parking Lot, Discovered Two Days Later

Imagine dying in your vehicle in the parking lot of a 24-hour Walmart. How would anyone know? The couple who discovered Patricia Glasscock’s body yesterday thought she was sleeping, which is probably what anyone who passed by thought.

WHNT News reports,

…a couple parked next to the woman’s truck on Monday, and noticed her in her truck, thinking she was asleep. They went inside to shop.

When they were finished shopping, they returned to their vehicle and noticed she was still in the same position. They opened the woman’s door to check on her, and discovered she was dead.

[The coroner] says it appears Glasscock had been there since sometime on Saturday. He is performing an autopsy to determine how she died. He says there doesn’t appear to be any foul play involved at this time.

“Woman Found Dead at Wal-Mart in Cullman” [WHNT News 19] (Thanks to Daniel!)
(Photo: Elfboy)