Don't Clean Your HDTV With Windex

Windex works great on your windows, but will it clean your TV? How about those expensive cleaning kits they sell at Best Buy? Our sister publication, Consumer Reports, says that both of them are bad ideas, but for different reasons.

Alcohol and ammonia, found in window cleaners, can wreak havoc on your expensive flat-screen, says CR, and cleaning kits are “shamelessly” expensive. Instead, buy a microfiber cloth and use water.

The best method: Use a damp, soft cloth – that’s it. Screens scratch easily, and even paper towels can do damage. Your best bet is a microfiber cloth-the kind uses to clean eyeglasses and camera lenses. Dampen it slightly and gently clean your screen. LCD screens, including laptop screens, are very sensitive to pressure and can scratch easily, so don’t press too hard.

Sorry, Best Buy.

Don’t clean your HDTV with Windex [Consumer Reports]
(Photo:Francois Schnell)

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