Besides Mangurt, we’ve signed a second sponsor to supplant the lovely bucks going in to (which we are extremely grateful for, thank you, 468 people and $6,961.63). I’m really excited about this one, not the least of which is because I get to keep several free samples. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you, MICROPONY!

No longer will your child’s plaintive cries for a pony! a pony! go unanswered simply because you live in a 4th floor walkup. Now there’s MICROPONY! As large as an adult housecat, MICROPONY is an apartment-ready pony bred for the urban environment.

Imagine the spasms of joy erupting across your child’s face as their MICROPONY takes a trot around the coffeetable for the first time. If pure love could be distilled into purchasable, tiny, pony form, this would be it. And it is.

Each MICROPONY is specially grown by Japanese scientists applying the same binding and stunting techniques of bonsai tree growers, just in utero. Pony utero.

MICROPONY isn’t just fun in and of itself, he also gives new value to discarded toy. Try Webkinz-herding, Happy-Meal Toy rodeo, or I-don’t-know-which-spaceship-this-is-for-LEGO sledge-pull. The possibilities are only limited by their imagination and the number of toys on the floor.

Now they’ll really have something to tell the other kids, and subsequently become an object of envy!

MICROPONY: Because we can make it and you can buy it.

* Act now and get a special bonus MICRODRESSAGE kit included, absolutely free!

Micro paddock, micro hay, micro curry comb and micro hoofpicks sold separately. Yes, its micro kicks hurt, but only a little bit.

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