Consumerist Gets A Tip Jar

I chased Meghann through the hallways of Consumer Reports, a blue lab coat flapping in my hands, myself sporting an identical lab coat. She ducked and dodged, and every time I thought I had her, she reappeared in an opposite doorway and was overall a very wily opponent.

As I rested against the white wall,l bathed in the cool fluorescent glow to to catch my breath, Meghann still sans lab coat, I asked myself, what the hell am I doing? I’m a blogger, not a Scooby-Doo supernumerary. Myself replied that we’re shooting videos to launch our new Consumerist tip jar at

When Consumerist was getting sold, we were struck by how many people said they would throw down some bucks to keep the site running. Well, now that we’re a non-profit, that donation is tax-deductible, a BOGO of sorts. So we’ll be putting up a tip-jar soon to help pay for the writers, the servers, techs and the legal beagles that keep the blog a-truck-truck-trucking. We’ve checked, and Tax-Cat approves. However, drawings of spiders will not be accepted as a valid form of payment.

According to the data dwarfs, we have about 3 million visitors in a month. If everyone gives just $2.002, our blog skills will be unstoppable. For less than the cost of a burnt Starbucks, you can keep Consumerist running longer than Obama will be president. That’s change between the couch cushions you can believe in.

If you guys fill the tipjar, forthcoming in the next few days, we bet Consumer Reports will test The Snuggie for us. Like, is it flammable? And other burning questions. Plus, maybe we can get Meghann to put on her lab coat. You’ll just have to watch as each hot new video drops to find out.
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